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  • Introduction
    Suzhou Meeko Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Suzhou. We specialize in manufacturing,processing and selling filter and filter material for couple of years.
    Meeko and Toray(Japan)’s R&D staff developed MEEKOTM Series filter materials. MEEKOTM materials can be applied in different industrial environments and special high filter requirement.
    Meeko filter materials can reach HEPA grade because we use high-temperature adhesive film technology.
    Meeko’s R&D staff developed polymer materials Nano coating technology and making special treatment on the surface of polyester non-woven filter material to get permanent anti-static, flame retardant, oil proofing, water proofing. That is, our filter materials can be applied to all kinds of special industrial environments. 
    Meeko also has anti-static PTFE laminating technology, flame retardant PTFE laminating technology, oil and water proofing PTFE laminating technology etc. multifunctional composite filtration material.
    Meeko is the unique agent of Toray Industries, Inc. (Japan Toray) for Toray’s AXTAR serials filter materials and non -woven fabric products in China. Meeko takes responsibility for AXTAR series filter material’s selling and after-sales service in China and closely work with Toray for many years.
    Meeko has established a comprehensive quality system standards :ISO9001--2008, in strictly accordance with the cartridge filter standard (JB / T 10341-2002), air filter standard (GB / T14295-2008), cartridge enterprise standard (Q / 320281BBY01 -2009). Meeko has become a professional filter and cartridge manufacturers, the products are sold throughout the country. We  have independent import and export rights, and our customers are from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and so on. The products are widely used in steel, power, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, wood processing, automotive, specialty powders, nonferrous metals, mining, coal, metallurgy and other fields.
    Meeko does willing to protect our life environment with all of you!
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